You walk into the clothing store and you see THE SKIRT.  It has the color(s) you like, the style you like and its on sale.   AMAZING  Your heart races as you search the rack frantically for your size.  4 14's...ok.   6 16's.....6 18''s... 3 20's....that it!!! You search and search but.....nope.  Nothing over a 20!!!

I know its happened to me and its extremely frustrating.  That high of having your dream skirt and the crushing low of  not having your size was something I became too familiar with.

Yes there are stores that go over a size 20 but when they do,  its only 1 or 2 so you hardly have any time to get the item on sale.  I was told that I CAN NOT wait for sales because of my size! REALLY!!!


Its just not economically effective for me to buy full price all the time.  Retailers aren't knocking down my door throwing clothes at this blogger....yet. *wink*I learned a few things that makes getting clothing on sale in my size possible. I'll share 3 of these nuggets with you guys because your my peoples.  

1. Shopping in a store-Make them family
Build a relationship.  Bring coffee, a plate of cookies  or better yet a NEW CUSTOMERS to the store.  When you like something, the sales ladies will hold it in the back (if store policy allows).
If not hold then they can  offer you discounts right there on the spot because they know your "family". Shopping is usually an event anyway so make it a fun one! 

2. Shopping online- Carts are your friends
Thank God for online shopping. I  shop online as much as your can and fill up the cart. Fill up your carts with everything your heart desires.  As items go on sale or is close to being sold out most online stores notify you. So you know when its time to make that purchase.
Don't be shy with your email.  Give out your email to get coupons, notification on deals, and specials.

I was shopping for a swimsuit online. After seeing the swimsuit and cover-up I wanted, I searched my mail for notifications/coupons from the store.  I found an email asking me to fill out a questionnaire and they would give me a code for 40% off my total purchase.  Now that weekend the cite was 40% off so with my code I got a swimsuit and coverup for less that $50!!!
Try to get any swimsuit high quality, high fashion, highly known brand in a size 22+ size for under $25....don't worry I'll wait!!!
With ONE email I took a 200 purchase down to 50....(hold the applause)

3. Have a favorite designer/retainer-Know sales schedule
This tip requires A LOT of homework. 
Big retailers don't have time to think about when they want to put things on sale.  Its all on a schedule.  If you pay attention to promotions and sales you'll know when the next sales are coming and what to buy.

Also, pay attention how far down things will go on before your size is gone. 

Others say that shopping off season is the biggest way to save BUT not for the girls who size sells out quickly.

True Story
I buy jeans in March because my fave store for jeans has a huge BOGO and coupon out every March and my size is still available.
For bras its different.  I know my bra store has a BOGO Semi Annual Sale, then a clearance sale. My size sells out during the Semi annual sale so I cant wait for the clearance sale.  Even though its possible to get a lower price, the risk of not getting my size is too big.  If I need new bras the BOGO event works out best for me. 

Now go werk!!!  Make friends at your local stores.  Fill up your online carts and get a book to monitor sales schedule.  You can thank me later!!!!


4. Online coupon are you friends!!! 
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