At 12:08am on a Saturday night the "beehive" finally received what they have been waiting for.
After a 3 year hiatus Beyoncé release "Lemonade" exclusively on Tidal, a online movie and video streaming cite and app, owned by her husband, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter.

I feel the need to tell you that I am not  a Beyoncé fan.   I may jig to a song in the club and appreciate her dancing and  stage present but I have never bought a CD or seen her in concert.
I like to say "I'm not against the B-Hive....I'm just indifferent to the B-Hive"

I got the notification that "Lemonade" had dropped on Tidal so naturally I was interested.  I first went to social media to see what people saying.  It didn't help my feeling when I saw people saying "I need 3 days to learn all the dance moves".  I thought "OH GOD!!!  Another dance, feel good video with over the top sexy outfits she barely wears for AN HOUR!!!" NOT INTERESTED

I'm old enough to remember watching the extended version of "Thriller" on TV for the first time and felt that Beyoncé was biting AGAIN from the greats to make more money off of her poor fans. 

Safe to say I started the video with a pre determine notion of what I was going to see.
I was shocked at what I actually saw.

Beyoncé started in bare makeup, a hoodie with her voice and her heart on her sleeve.  I could tell this was not her average "Single Ladies" kind of video.
With titles like "Intuition", "Denial", "Anger", "Rage" running across the screen I realized that this was a story of a women who had dealt with the ultimate betrayal...infidelity.

I said to myself "Where the rumors true?"  Was their marriage really in trouble while they were touring the globe???? When Solange went off on Jay in the elevator...was this the reason??? Was Jay Z stepping out on one of the most beloved and famous women in the word????"

I came away with an even bigger message.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful cinematography, fashion wardrobe, the Louisiana bayou feel and the beautiful shades of black women throughout the video.  I realized at that moment I was going to witnessing a women hurt and how she got over that hurt through the anger, pain, her own betrail (my feelings of what I saw not what was said) and getting back to her roots to find solace.
I was witnessing pain.  I was witnessing truth.

"Lemonade" is about what all of our grandmothers said to us...."When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!!"Take what has happen to you that is bad and make it into something good.

I'm not a music blogger but I am a women.  This hour plus long video and 13 track record is something women for generations will play when pain and hurt has entered into their  lives and need music to handle it.

"Lemonade" will be the album she is most remembered for.  THIS IS HER THRILLER!!!!
Am I a fan of Beyoncé now?  I cant say....but I will say this, when I see great work I will not deny it. 

Congrats to Beyoncé  and  Jay-Z!!!! Thank you for sharing something so personal.

If you haven't seen the video click here to subscribe to Tidal and start streaming it.

All opinons are from NEC STYLE
Photos via Tidal

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