Summer is slowly approaching!!!!
I know my fashionistas are getting their closet together for an epic summer but what about your beauty regiment?

Summer time calls for a complete upgrade on your beauty products AND Im going share some of mine with you.  All of my items are drug store or easy online buys (I really don't have time for anything else).  I know you all are busy so these are easy as well as affordable. ENJOY!!!!

1. Pantene Damage Detox
Sumer time I sweat like crazy. Also I build up oils in my hair faster as I use more products.  The Damage Detox formula will keep your hair looking great even when your washing you hair more than you do in the winter.  The rehab cream I use once every two weeks with my other hair treatments to give my hair bounce and shine.

2. Jergens Natural Glow
Use this to give your arms and legs a sun kiss look.  Yes it works with darker skin tone and use it all the time to make my hand look sun kissed.  Skin needs more moisture then most....use the daily moisture fomular instead

3. Color Tattoo eye color
Summer equal sweat which for me equal runny makeup.  I use the color tattoo on my eye lids in the summer because it stays on no matter what. 

 4. The Nudes by Maybelline

I am a slave to all three NUDES color pallets but the blush would probably work best for the summer time.  Colors are lighter and more reflective then the sister pallets.  But if you never tried then get all three.  at 7-10 each its a STEAL

5. 1 step gel Nail Polish from Wet-n-Wild

My hands are my biggest accessory when meeting with women and men and on style shoots.  Recently I was sent the full line of gel nail polish and thought maybe this will work for me.  HONEY....they are amazing for the price.  They rage from 4-6 (depending on store) and last a whole week without chipping.  They are not as heavy as other formulas so no sand blasting your nails.  Also the colors are spot on for the summer time.

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