About a month ago, while in District of Curves Fashion Week,  I saw Honey Suckle Atelier and fell in love with her designs.  I wanted to highlight the designer, Jasmine Swartz, because not only do I have my stylist eye on her but I can see her designs changing the plus size fashion industry.
Below is my interview and photos of her collection


NEC: What made you want to become a designer?
 Jasmine:       I started designing when I was very young because I was plus sized and lacking clothing options. Through-out the years of hearing complaints from my fellow plus sized friends about straight sizing clothing brands, as well as having my own dilemmas, I felt I had a insider advantage of what plus size women wanted & I needed to do something with that information.

NEC: When did you start Honey Suckle?
Jasmine:        I started in 2015, right after college graduation. I had been brewing up some ideas even before graduation because I knew I did not want to design under someone else's label & felt I always had great designs/shaped for the plus sized body.

NEC: How How would you describe your line?
Jasmine:    My brand is an accumulation of vintage silhouettes with modern day flare.
I always admired fashions from the late 1940's to the early 60's, and it shows through my designs. These silhouettes are extremely flattering on almost any body type and size & it can be dressed up or down depending on the personal styling.

NEC: The Plus size fashion industry is starting to be flooded with new designers.  How does Honey Suckle improve  the plus size industry?
 Jasmine:  I feel my brand improves the plus size movement because it acknowledges the fact that every body is equal but not the same. Many big plus size brands today still fail to realize this.  They offer very little options to the plus size bodies that are not tall & hour-glassed shaped. I want to make my clothing as customize-able as possible by offering options to fit the pear shaped, busty-ier queens, tall, or short.  We offer online tailoring the garment without coming in to be measured.

NEC:  I love the garments from DC Curves.  What was your inspiration for this season?
Jasmine:      This season's inspiration was the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra & the beautiful colors found along the Nile River. I designed an 11-piece ready-to-wear resort collection for plus sizes, which was debuted at the District of Curves Fashion Showcase back on April 23rd. I wanted to give women who needed clothing for their Spring trips or Summer get-a-ways a fun and wearable selection that would not break the bank. So the pieces are very simplistic in fabrication and construction, but the fine detailing and visual interest makes the outfits stand out & look fabulous.

Since starting, Honeysuckle has been showcased in Pink the Runway 2015(Oct. 2015) & District of Curves (April 2016)

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photos courtesy and property of Mickey Armstrong Photography
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