While at District of Curves Fashion Week,  I met Siobahn Peay.  I had seen this designer at Curvy Rock Weekend 2014 so it was good to see she was still grinding out some amazing designs.  I wanted to highlight the designer because I think everyone should own one of her circle skirts and two, I love wearing independent designers and highlighting them.  It opens up my stylistas to more designers and keeps you looking like an individual.  
Below is my interview and photos of her collection


NEC:  Give me a little history on you as a designer and Siobahn Peay.
SP: I had my first runway show with a mini collection in Spring 2014! I have been in business for 2 years. 2016 marks my sophomore year as a designer and creator. I look forward to the years to come!

NEC: How would you describe your line?
SP: I’ve been told that this mini collection is sexy and sophisticated! What  a combo! My collections are and will continue to be ready-to-wear with on-trend designs, making them perfect for women who want to make a bold statement while engaging in everyday activities, or a night out!

NEC: What made you want to become a designer?
SP: Designing is fun! Plain and simple! I’ve always loved to draw, so sketching came naturally…I wanted to see what I created on paper come to life!

NEC: How does your designs improve Plus Size fashion?
SP: I hope to make an impact on the world of plus size fashion by creating well-constructed, accessible, unique, and form flattering pieces without sacrificing style.

NEC: In the end what do u want your designs to be remembered for? 
SP: When you try on a piece by Siobahn Peay, what was your initial reaction, confidence, sexiness? I want my pieces to be remembered for that. What is your motto? “Stop acting like a sheep when you know you a wolf!” This quote reminds me that I don’t have to “dumb-down” anything that I do, it reminds me to go about life with my head held high, never changing for anyone!

Visit Siobahn Peay @
Instagram: @siobahnpeay

photos courtesy and property of Mickey Armstrong Photography

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