“Sabor Cubano.”

Carlos Campos is well known for creating collections that are colorful and all over patterned suits.  During NYFW Campos spring collection is nothing like he has done before.  With nomadic colors and wide bands hanging from the garments, the collection was architectural and mute.

 A lot of the collection was relaxed and effortless.  With wide leg pants, oversize jackets,  jumpers and loose fitting shorts, you cold see that Compos had a new direction.  Almost uniform like.   The white, brown, cream, black and navy was broken up by a two types of pattern.  One was stripe and the other a green and blue square/stripe pattern shown towards the end of the collection.  

Some of my favorite looks...

Accessories was simple and not overt powering.  Chucks, and rolled ascots on a few of the models gave you a feeling of Cuban tobacco farmer which was what Carlos was going for. 
I know you guys are going to think the only shows I went to had a Cuban feel but this just was the growing trend for menswear.

Over all the collection was different from Compos.  Compos  BASIC colors seems to be cleaning his palette.   With all the complication and drama of 2016 maybe this is exactly what men need and want.  Compos designs have been known to push the fashion button forward.  Maybe that fashion button is saying lets embrace a culture that was once labeled wrong and give into simplicity.  In a time of vigorous individuality maybe the man of 2017 just wants a simple wardrobe.  A blank pallet so his worlds are seen more than his clothing.  But hey...this is just fashion right!!!

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