“I know who I am and this collection is very consistent with my philosophy of clothes.”-Joseph Abboud

Open up NYFW Menwear second day was acclaimed fashion designer and one of N.E.C. Style favorite male designer, Joseph Abboud.  When your show starts at 9am you open with a great atmosphere and great food.  Breakfast was served, which is unheard of at fashion shows.  The imitate tables of 4-6 celebrities, bloggers, stylist and buyers was a great touch to the beigning of the day.  "We want it to be civilized" Abboud said.

While waited for the show to start you couldn't help but notice the setting of the runway.  Linen rugs, green trees and linen drapes softened  the brick and steak found throughout the venue.  Looking around you could tell the show was going to be a mix of soft fabric and hard lines.

Although the setting was different from the traditional fashion show, the collection was classic Abboud.  Structured but in no way boring.

The suits were  cut slim to the body but the leg of the pants was slightly flair.  Abboud said he wanted to keep with the spring colors of white, ivory and khaki but giving us a hint of Cuban "Ernest Hemingway Voyager".  You can see his Havanna influence in the lapel pins, shoes, and ivory oversize hats.

Overall the collection made me excited for Menswear Spring.  I've always loved the classic cut to Abboud but was very happy to see the softer fabrics and brighter neutral colors.  Kicking off menswear week with this collection has warmed my pallet for more shows to come.

Finale for the show

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