“It was a fascinating period, with the Tropicana Club at the center of the action.  Americans would come in droves and party like they couldn’t in the United States,”- Nick Graham 

As you walked into this fashion show you were hit with the sound of a full Cuban Band playing.  It was evident from the band and the names on the platform that this was going to be a production and not just a show.  This has come to be expected from designer Nick Graham.  From the fall birds, twigs and bark of last season to the salsa, showgirls and samba of  this season, Nick Graham presentation of  "OUR MEN IN HAVANA"  emerge for NYFW menswear.

Celebrities, Stylist and Scientist all loved Nick Gram Collection 
This collection pays homage to Havana of the 1950's were mobsters, gangsters and royalty alike went to have a good time.  “Once Havana fell, the Americans moved to Vegas, along with the showgirls and everything else that came with it.” With a good time in mind, Graham fashion show started with  show girls dancing in amazing revealing costumes, feather head dresses and smiles.  Each model was introduced as a covert fashion detective with was fictionalize agent names like "Faux Fur Fidel from CUBA" & "Knickers Knickerson from  EAST GERMANY" to name a few.   

Here are a few of my fave looks...
Faux Fur Fidel - CUBA. Chad White. 
White Straw Fedora, 3-Piece Linen Suit, Exploded Fern Print Shirt.

Dr. Maybe (Dr. No, medicated).  Emmanuel Amorin.  
Blue Microcheck 3-Piece Suit, Fleur de Lys shirt, Blue Polka Dot Tie, Tie Bar, Paisley Pocket Square.

Elastic Evansson - FINLAND. Sebastian Sauve.
Blue Window Pane 3-Piece Suit, White Shirt, Blue Knit Tie.
Nick collection was a blend of linens and seersucker which is key for spring/summer fashion for men.  The Cuban influence was represented all through the collection.  With tropical short suits, floral print tops and crisp all white suits with small hits of blue the Cuban 1950's influence was very easy to see.  With flowing scarfs, loafers and wide brim fedora, the accessories top off the collection perfectly. 

Designer, Nick Gram, giving his last jump and thank you   

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