The road to being a stylish is not always easy. Fashion magazines, celebrities even other style bloggers can lead you down the wrong path into the dreaded land of  "TRENDY" (DA-DA-DON)
Don't worry...mamma Nant. is here for my Stylistas.
As you guys may have notice, I call the people who read my blog "Stylistas".  I don't like the word "FANS" (I am no one to have fans). I like "stylistas" because you are stylish or on you way to becoming stylish. For those of you who are already stlyish., use this as a check point.  For the girls with closets FILLED with clothing never to be worn and not sure of you stylista status....here is a quick way to know your Stylist Status.

1. DISCOVER your fifteen
THE FIFTEEN are 15 items in your closet that you CAN NOT live without. People tend to wear 15 key items the most out of all the other items in there closet.  The rest complement the 15 so it doesn't seem like they are wearing the same stagnant items (even though they are). Stylistas know there 15 and spend quality money on those items.  It maybe your classic black leather jacket (that's me!!!) or a pair of comfortable yet stylish heels. Every Stylista knows her fifteen .

2. NEVER and I do mean NEVER wear things that don't fit.
In my younger years, I wore things that were too big in order to be the dreaded TRENDY (DA-DA DON).  I still remembering my baggy pant of 1993....shutter. Now I cant imagine putting on something too large or for that matter too small. A Stylistas knows how things should fit her body and has a tailor on hand who can hem, take in a waist or take it out without ruining the fabric.  I love my tailor and known him for over 10 yrs.  I've even eaten with his family as I waited for a skirt to be taken in and picked up a love for Rugby.

What about if  I fluctuate in weight?
No problem.  You just need two sets of THE FIFTEEN.  One for your heaviest and lighter weight.  Don't let weight stop you from being Stylish. 
REMEMBER... "Live your life at any size!!!"

3. ALWAYS take care of you clothing
Remember when moms had you change out your school clothes and hang them up to "air out"? Consider that your first Stylista lesson. (THANKS MOM!!!!)
Airing your garments before putting them away is a great way to protect your garments.

Come home, take off your heels and  toss them in a corner...NEVER
Take off your dress and let it fall to the floor UMMMM.....NO!!!

Stylista's take pride in your garments because she knows their worth.  Plus, would anything you care about be on the floor  (CHILD PLEASE)

4. NEVER follow Trends because well....its a Trend!
In the world of trend report, social media and being in one day and out the next, Stylista's doesn't waist their  hard earned cash on Trends.
I'm not saying she doesn't wear trends..she just doesn't spend loads of money on it.  Tends are what the H&M/Zarah of the world is for.  Low cost trendy items that we can wear for a season are a great way to try a trend and see if it works in your closet.    (I just wish more of us understood that).

"Dresses for yourself...not anyone else" 

Now that you know your way to stylista status, I hope your ready for this stylish fall fashion N.E.C. Style is about to give you.


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