CHAFING, CHUB RUB, THE BURN...whatever you call it its a problem for most women. I use to think it was only a problem for the plus size women but I've learned that most women suffer from some kind of chafing in the summer. Rather its between the legs, under the bust or the bikini area, chafing is suffered by a large amount of women.

O know this can be an embarrassing subject to talk about but is something I've had to deal with and know women are looking for simple solutions.  I've dealt with this my WHOLE life so does that make me an expert? Maybe.  For so many years I didn't know how to combat chaffing issues and still have some reminder scars of when I didn't take care of my skin.  I hope by sharing my tips I help someone else prevent the pain and scars that I went through so they don't have to. 

There are three things to remember when dealing with Chafing:

Most of the blog and articles I see talk mostly about prevention  products so I won't touch too much on this.
For me, I like to use deodorant or powder

As a plus size kid, powder was a huge part of my daily routine. (I should have taken stock in baby powder with the amount I used as a kid.) Powder helped to cool and keep the skin dry so chaffing didn't happen. The problem was that it would get on my clothes and all over the floor.

As an adult,  I use/love the Monistat Powder Gel. It's not thick and not so greasy so its perfect.This is new to my list but this product is really good if your use to powder. 

A nice solid deodorant stick was my go too for inner thigh chafing.   Not only does it allow you to stay dry but also release a great smell.  The only downfall was that it could leave white residue on your clothes (like most deodorant).  Recently I switch to  Degree Dry Spray.  Its quicker, cleaner and has different scents that release extra protection when you sweat. PLUS, no white residue.

Once chafing has happened it is IMPORTANT to go through the process of treatment. It can leads to more skin problems and even infection.
You should clean the area first then apply an ointment.

At www.top10homeremedies.com I found a few natural products to help sooth chafing.

 Another choice is diaper rash cream.   I have used A+D Zinc Oxide cream but my new love is Monkey Butt Ointment.  It has a nice smell and is not thick.

3. Protection
The best protection is to keep the skin from rubbing anymore while it heals.

For breast,  I use Bra lines.  They can wrap around you and snap like your bra or can attach to your bra.

For thighs,  you have a choice of  shorts (microfiber is the best fabric choice) or fabric band

If your like me and find shorts to be too warm or bulky, fabric band is the way to go.  My favorite brand is Bandalettes.  Ranging in size from 2-24, from lace or microfiber, from white to flesh tone (even for darker skin).  These bands are the best and do not roll down like other.  They are super light and cant be seen (even under body con dresses).

These tips are not only for summer but all year long. I hope this was helpful to you all.

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