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Swimsuits For All (www.swimsuitforall.com) is calling on women from around the world to show off their swim bodies this summer by participating in the #MySwimBody movement. #MySwimBody encourages women — regardless of age, shape and size — to make a powerful statement about body positivity by tossing their cover-ups and unveiling their curves!

The event was kicked off last month by plus model Ashley Gram and other models.  Swimsuitforall wants 10,000 women showing their swim bodies by the end of summer. 

I was asked to participate in this movement by showing my swim suit without a cover-up. Needless to say....I was very nervous. I've worn bathing suits before, of course, but with very sexy and fashionable cover ups. I have participated in encouraging women to wear what they want when they want in different campaigns but I NEVER photographed myself in swimwear. 

I remember being 22 and getting into a pool with my cover up ON.  I remember being 18 and going to the beach with shorts and a tee because "big girls" not dare wear a bathing suit.
At 37, being able to wear a stylish cover up was a huge step in the right direction.  I couldn't be happier with plus designers giving us great choices.

Even in my happiness I realized something.  Rather it was a tee & short or a sexy sheer one piece....I still NEEDED to cover up.  I was hiding (even if it was in sheer fabric. lol)
I tried hiding this 6 foot frame in plain sight from onlooker, laughers and the shit talkers of the beaches.  I felt those cover ups stopped then from seeing it all. Little did I realize that no matter what they will always see and say what they want. It wasn't them who needed to change....it was me.

Body positivity is not just about plus size.  Its about looking at ones body in a positive way...no matter where you body maybe at.  Is my body perfect?...No. Yes I am overweight, yes I have VERY thick thighs and yes I have the dreaded knock knees that I inherited from my mother.  But the key to my body positivity, it to realize that I am a work in progress.  And being that work in progress doesn't mean I don't live.  It means I work AND live.  I don't start living when everything are right.  It means I start live everyday like its my last.

After a lot of soul searching I decided to bare my body without my so loved cover up. 
I threw away my cover-up and I show that a women (knock kneed and size 24-26) can live a full life while improving her life.

So this is #myswimbody of 2016.  It may be bigger or smaller in 2017 but the important thing is that I live a full and happy life NOW.

Thank you to SWIMSUITFORALL for making me apart of this campaign.
I challenge you all to add #myswimbody to your swim suit photos on instagram and other social media platforms.  Lets show the world that all women no matter what size, shape or age can enjoy there FAB SWIMBODY.


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Photographer: Art-n-Lee
Location Scout & Assistant: LaTonya Bradley

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