Fall is my favorite time of season.  I feel that fashion in fall is more fun don't you think?  I know I am a snow bunny and love the cooler air but there is something about fall fashion that everyone seems to love.
I have been looking through my retailers and have seen some amazing shoes for the fall.  With so many new trends I thought I break down some categories of shoes you MUST have in your closet this Fall.
Don't worry....all of these shoes come in wide width and most come up to a size 13!!!

Tall boots for the fall is all about the detail.  Deconstructed leather, denim, suede and even chunky heels are in every retailer for shoes there is.
My favorite is the over the knee suede boots from Eloquii (first shoe on the left).  Its so sophisticated and fun I can see all types of women wearing it.  AND....if over the knee is not your style, it can be worn as a tall boot as well.

Short boots or booties can give you a boot feel without it being too tall.  This season Booties are mostly stacked heel with a 90's feel to them.  Booties already give you a wester feel but with  the infux of the rolled pants leg booties went super slick and fashionable so you will be able to show them off. 

My fave is this cute number from nordstrom.com

These shoes are all fall.  A higher cut shoe but with cut out to the back and toe makes it sexy.  But don't think you just gonna wear these open toe.  I have see them paired with colorful or textured tights to give them a new life as the temperature starts to dip. 
If you like a close toe shootie try these from fullbeauty.com 

Metallics have returned for another seasons.  Silver seems to be the most trending color but you will find all kind of shinny metallic colors at your local department shoe store.

We all know that the 90's are back this year and with that comes Marry Janes.  I have had a love hate relationship with this type of shoes (comes from wearing them for school in the 90's) but I do see the love for them.  With an array of colors and fabrics you can find one that fits your style.
Most come with a chunky or wedge.  Tassle or flat.   But, always they are a class all its own.

This shoe, inspired by menswear, is a great way to keep your look casual but funky at the same time.  I love oxfords and everything they represent.  With lines being blurred between men and womens fashion, the oxford is something men and women can wear and both be fashionable.  Just don't wear matching oxfords.


Adidas, Pumas, Hi tops...you name it its back.  Nothing says retro like a pair of Classics 3 stripe Adidas or the retro all white Reboc.  I dont know if it was the film "The Get Down" or  the mini series "The Breaks" but we all back in love with eveyrthing from late 80's-early 90's
Pair your adidas with a shirt or dress or ripped denim....it doesn't matter.  They are being worn with everything and everyone can get in on them.

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