Fashion week is well over but I had to share with you the J. Crew presentation for fashion week.

I am a huge fan of production fashion shows but sometimes all you need is great clothes and great models. Wouldn't you agree?
Presentation allow you to get up and close on the clothing which was a great change from seeing fashion runways for the past few days.

The Presentation was laid out in such a way that you got a chance to get up close and personal with the models and you got to see the designer vision.  Models were wearing layered, simplistic yet functional clothing for everyday life.  With that everyday life came the "everyday" models.  J. Crew has partake to the grown trend of using models that are like the customers that buy the collections.  With minimal makeup and hair the models looked like your everyday women or man (but the most beautiful everyday women and men).

Model diversity is something that is really important to me so to see women and men of all races was a big hit for me.  There was even a pregnant model!!!! Plus size models you ask?....can be sure. (baby steps first I guess....)

ok back to the fashion...

With black, white, camel, navy and khaki being the foundation to the collection, you can say there was a call back to the basic.  Even with the colors being basic, the designer made statement through the architecture of the clothing and the accessories. Polka Dot, stripe, plaid and splatter paint filled the collection as far as patterns.  The collection was not void of color.  Light blue, and pink was present in the collection. The light colors let us know this is a spring collection still.

The collection was a great representation of where the designer was looking toward for the future.  I really enjoyed the wide leg pink pants and wide cuff shirts for the women wear.  I also loved  the strait leg suits and plaid jacket for the mens wear.  Well thought out and lovely collection

See below for more photos from the collection

photos by impression
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