Rachel Comey started as a menswear only designer.  After women start to buy her clothes she decided to begin an womenwear wing.  Womenwear is now the brand focus but the downtown creative feel of her menswear was not lost to her womens collections.  

Today Rachel launched her spring 2017 collection not in a warehouse or in a fancy loft but on the streets on NYC.  

The collection gave me 1977 women women of the world.  It also helped that the collection models were of every race and age.  With a bit of sparkle around there eyes and very little makeup, the models took to the streets of NYC to give us all an amazing fashion show.  

Menswear is not important to Comey line but was seen in this collection.  

Comey is also well known for a mix of well crafted shoes for both sexes and I couldn't stop saying how much I wanted to change all the shoes in my collection next summer.  Flat, and tied up or 1970's stacked heel I could live in every single one of these shoes. 

The 1970's feel was culminated with the all white pant suit which had to be inspired by the 70's cult classic "Disco Fever"

 All in all the collection was a hit and I loved the use of different age models and even regular looking people.  Rachel continued to show her range and her love for the craft more then her love for the gilts and glam of the fashion show.  Was amazing for her to share her works on the street for all to see.

photos by impression
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