Just when I think Thom can not surprise me anymore he does it again.  

Thom is one of my fave designers and I always await his dark colors of grey black and red to give me life.  The colors this season were bright colors of aqua orange and yellow? What? Thom Browne who gave us 1950's Gothic Catholic nurse is now giving us Mrs. Roper?  I sat on the edge of my seat because I knew it was about to get interesting.

The show starting with women in balloon caftans, head wraps and matching oversize bags all in an oversize paisley print.  I instantly knew this was gonna have a "Good Vibration" kind of feel to it.  The colors was classic 1970's psychedelic beaches of California.  With loud paisley prints and models walking and smiling I couldn't help but smile myself. 

The show quickly became quintessential Thom. The models were joined by what I can only describe as a "disco dog" and the women disrobed and showed the designers underneath.  Models got in a strait line and walked ever so slowly giving us all time to take in the designs. 

The collection has multi layers as Throm is known for but was highly colorful.  This is something not known for in this designer but I like it.  There wasn't a slinlge solid anything in the whole collections.  Prints ranged from high contrast checker print to gingham print skirts and jackets.  

 Thom accessories also were a show in and of its self. Nothing matched.  Women toes and nails were painted different colors.  The shoes were not a matching set.  Heels gave way to anchors.  Women carrying dog bags.  The lips were of a mate aqua, white color which stood out on the sunglasses faced models. The sunglasses were of different shapes and designs, not uniform as Thom as been before. His bags has always been a favorite of mine and to see a difference in color and design really intrigued this fashion stylist.  

 As the models were done the disco dog reemerge and the models disrobed once again showing what I believe is the first in Thom Browne swimwear.  The red white and blue stripe, from his signature log, were all the women wore as the disco lights filled the room.  

This womens spring collection was a spectacular show, as always,  but was more upbeat and playful.  Im excited that Browne has shown us a more playful side to his designs.  This collection was all for show and of course none of it will be seen in store but it's great to see where the designer is headed for Spring. Cant wait to see the  actual spring collection.  But we got the vision.  

photos by impression
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