Let me first say Happy Hollow's Eve stylistas!!! Its so funny that I'm able to share this shoot with you guys on Halloween.  You can take this as a costume shoot but for me it was much more than that. 

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a fellow stylist and a new photographer. This was my first time collaborating with a stylist with me as the model.  The stylist and I threw around a few idea and came up with a 1920's theme.  I was excited about the theme and called on designer GATSBYLADY for a dress.  I never had anyone coordinate a photoshoot for me.  Being a stylist I have always coordinated other or my own shoots. The control freak in me was a bit hesitant but you have to try new things right?

What I got was nothing I suspected....

First lets talk about this dress!!! I cant say express how amazing I felt in this dress.  Well constructed well made ad fit me right in all the right places.  The moment I put the dress on everyone was saying how great it looks. 

GATSBYLADIES creation was to die for.  I could dance and move all night in the dress.  Red isn't really my color of choice but it worked well with everything.  The flapper was also from designer and a shall can also be purchased for my stylistas that want arm cover!!!

When I received the photos back I was very impressed.  Lighting, color, the play with shadows and props.  They really made everything come together.  Our mission was to show that women of all sizes can be beautiful. we have to push to show that women of all sizes can style and rock a shoot.  I'm so impressed by what we have come together to make.  This shoot shows it can be done!!!!

You guys know I do a outfit breakdown right about now but I'm going to change it up a bit.  Instead of a outfit breakdown, I'm just breakdown the people who made this photo shoot possible. 

Dress & Flapper: Gatsbylady
Stylist: Mr. Gumby
Assistant: Tan Bee
Photographer: Powardbysoul

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