Happy Monday stylistas!!! Hope you had a great holiday.  Hope you were with family, friends and love ones.  I wish most of you had the a chance to let them know how thankful you are for them. 

I spend my holiday with my immediate family and didn't go out as much.  Spent most of my time starting my final project (did I mention I'm getting my Masters).

I am so very thankful for 2016.  Not so much for everything that happened in the word but for my personal accomplishments.  I made great strides in my blog but I'm VERY grateful to friends who have stood by me during this crazy year.  It's not an easy life being so busy but for the people who stand by me I say thanks you!!! I couldn't do it without the late night texting, facetime or the occasional meetup when I've gone dark too long.
Also a special thank you to my mini me.  She is my support and my reason for doing it all.  She recognize where we are and where we want to me and is patient as ever when I say "not right now." I couldn't have ask for a better, more understanding, 11 year old gamer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   
Now back to fashion....

The weather is getting colder so the cape coat came out.  I paired this heather grey coat with a blush pink hat jeans and booties. Even though you cant see it too much, I had a blush sweater under my cape. For makeup I kept it simple with a berry lip. 

That's it!!! And shoutout to the hipster Brooklyn women who complemented me on my cape coat.  this is why I love Brooklyn...they never scared to throw a complement from across the street and for that...THANK YOU!!! 

Cape: Avenue
Hat: Lane Bryant
Jeans: Torrid
Bootie: Avenue

photo by: Art-in-Lee

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