"I have always wanted to be a designer since I was a little girl and although I took a different path in college I never lost sight of my passion and dream."-Charnae', designer and owner of RAWH

I first came across RAW Handbag designer while at a shopping event geared towards women.  I instantly gravitated to the images of black women  women with unapologetic black hair!!  From that day forward I have cultivated a relationship with Charnae, the designer of RAW.  

Here is more information and photos on the brand I have fallen for...

Charnae describes RAW Handbags as "unique, handmade handbags that are guaranteed to make a statement and compliment your wardrobe. RAWH are designed for ALL women to; “Wear fearlessly, Spread womanhood and Inspire other women to be phenomenal.”

Charnae started RAW after years of working in a career she did not like.  She dreamed of working in fashion and designing.  At that time, she was more into social norms of success.  She couldn't continue doing something she didn't love and decided to follow her passion and dreams to make her happy.

RAW was created to help women.  RAW stands for Recognize A Woman. Her main reason for creating these handbags was to to empower, uplift and motivate women through fashion. How could I not love a brand that is made for women by a women with a message like this.  

Here are some bags I am loving:

To purchase these bags and see more from the collection click HERE 

photos provided and owned by Charnae
model in phots: Nakitende Esther
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