Founders of Bandelettes with Ashley N. Tipton

Recently I was invited to the launch of the Bandelettes event hosted by Ashley Nell Tipton.
Bantelettes is the simple accessory for the solution to thigh chafing.  Chafing is experience by most women, regardless of size.  It is an embarrassing subject to talk about but thanks to the founders of Bandelettes their is a simple and pretty solution to the problem.

The product is a lace or microfiber band with a silicone backing to prevent rolling down.  It goes around the thigh to protect the thighs from rubbing together.  They look good under dresses and even short pants.  I spoke about them in my "Way to prevent Chafing" post last year and purchase a few myself.

The launch was to introduce a new product in their line, the Bandelettes short.  Instead of  just fabric band this is a full short pants you can pull on to protect more of you thighs from chafing.  I am super SUPER excited about this new product and cant wait for it to be available.  Will post a link once the shorts are made available. 

The view from the roof top was amazing.  I had to snap a photo or two of myself.  It was a bit cooler but for me it was just the right temperature.  This all black everything is a staple look for NYC.  I love being in all black so this Bomber Jacket is an excellent add to my closet.  Expect to see more of it very soon.  

Got a chance to chit chat with Ashley while she was in NYC hosting this event.  She is just the same as she was before her Project Runway Win.  We talked about everything under the sun!!! Was so nice to reconnect with her.  Love her!!!

Founders and Models having a great time in front of the step and repeate

Signature Drink was AMAZING!!!

Thanks so much to Bandelettes for inviting me to this event.  I have a great time and love the new lace shorts in their line.  To see more from this like click HERE


 Bomber Jacket: V. Beckham x Target Collection
Sheer dress: Fog by Universal Standard
Boots: Avenue

Thanks to Style Over Size for shooting my outfit

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