WOW!!!Full Figured Fashion Week 2017 has come and gone and I just now stop wiring from all the excitement.  Because of grad school (and the 3,000 pages I have to write constantly) I wasn't able to attend all the events but I did get a chance to go to the Menswear fashion showcase, AKA Baewalk, at the 404 Event Space in NYC.

Menswear has grow by more that 30% each year for the past 5 years.  This is two time as faster then menswear and 1/2 as fast as plus size women wear. With the growth of Instagram and Snapchat not only do women of all size want to look amazing and unique in their clothes so do men of all sizes too.
Even with the multitude of information on menswear, its hard to find statistics on big & tall menswear and how they are growing or if they are being serviced in the market.   Yes, there are retailers that carry big & tall (a label that also needs to be renamed in order to show the diversity of the category) but most are classic in style, cut and color. I say that were plus size was 10 years ago is where menswear is now.

As menswear grows just as fast as plus size women category, its exciting to see FFFweek give three designers a platform to showcase our big and tall male models and designers.  We all deserve great fashion and I was happy to hear that Devoe Signature Events sees the need as well.  For us women who love menswear...thank you for this!!!

This show was a separate showcase from the main event and was dedicated only to the big and tall category of fashion.  The designers giving fashion and fire for men over a size XL.  This showcase was sponsored by MVP, a new high end fashion line also created for brawn men.

Below are photos of the three designers for 2017.

MVP Collections

SOS Denim
can you believe these designers are teenagers #lissentothekids

Brandon Kyle Collections
YES!!! Romphim is not just for small men!!!

Swimwear you want...swimwear you shall have

Special thank you to all the male models.  You dared to show the plus size world that all bodies of all shapes and heights and gender is okay.  

I ask you all to follow them encourage them on their journey.  They have a fight in front of them and if your a plus model you can understand that struggle.  

Oh and my outfit was from Gwynee Be click HEREto subscribe
And the best thing its...its a rental!!! 
photos owned by NEC STYLE

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