Adrian Alicea latest collection was presented at Style fashion week  on the famous Intrepid.  The couture designer has been making his name through the fashion world for the past two year.  But please don't think that Adrian is new to the game.  He has been focusing on establishing his own aptly-named line, Adrian Alicea Haute Couture, separate from his partner line Nico & Adrian NY. 

Alicea's lines focus on his Latino and Taino Indian culture and his dancer's background.
For this collection, you got a very latin feel.  Rather through the short shorts or the very vibrant prints or the jackets with no shirt.  I loved the latin feel in every piece that came down the runway.

Also, I felt this collection was very different from his collections of before.  Most of the Adrian's collection of the past has been dramatic and red carpet ready.  This collection seem much more ready to wear.  His patters were eye catching but was balanced out by being in very simple tailored desings.  I found the collection very ready to wear and I wanted to search to find where to get every single garment.

I loved how he also broke up the pattern with neutral colors of nutmeg, off white, grey and navy.  If the items were not complicated in pattern they were complicated in design.   I have followed Adrian fashion for a while and I can see a sophistication and growth in his designs.  I guess he realized his customers want to wear his designs in everyday life.  

I was really shocked (in a good way) at the collection.  Im happy that with the designs, colors and overal story this line told.   Now to get them in my size, but thats another discussion.  

I will leave you all with a quote from the designer himself....

 “…my heart. I make everything by hand. I love color. I love music. I love dance. I want my designs to make people happy, so each piece is unique. I put everything into my work--my heart, my soul, my love. I want everyone who wears my designs to feel special, to feel proud…to know they are different and that they have a right to be.”

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