Nanthale E. Collins
Fashion Stylist
 Style Blogger for N.E.C. Style
"I get asked all the time how I got into fashion? My answer is always the same. How could I not." -Nanthale E. Collins

Nanthale Collins was complimented on her clothing selections everywhere she went.  She started her career by giving advice to friends and family on color and style.  She always knew what made them look better, but never fully understood why.  
 Fashion selection came easy to her and she loved the way people lit up after putting on that perfect outfit.   That is when she decided to take her love of fashion to the next level.     
After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in marketing & management, she furthered her knowledge of fashion  at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. 
While completing her styling certification, she worked at a retail boutique where she completed client's wardrobes, taught style classes to in house stylists & coordinated styles for the high paying customers.  
 She did so well she was coined "The Style Expert". 

She has worked backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC for the past 5 yrs as a stylist for numerous designers. Worked backstage at Full Figured Fashion Week NYC as well as Brooklyn and Queens Fashion Week.  
Finally, Nanthale decided to take her styling expertise to the blogging world.  As a style blogger she looks for beauty in fashion, gives advice and shows the world that a woman and any size can be confident and fashionable.  The goal of her blog and her social medial platform is to show trends and help women feel amazing from the outside in. & Consulting. 

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